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Product Details

Why choose this tiller?

It is powered by an ultra reliable and incredibly powerful 4-stroke OHC GC160 160 cc engine which is both environmentally and neighbourhood friendly, with lower noise levels and fewer emissions. It also has lower fuel consumption, saving you money as well.

With a very large 800 mm maximum tilling width, and 325 mm maximum tilling depth, the FG315 is suitable for harder gardening tasks and all round garden duties. It cuts out crucial time and effort with the manual gearbox allowing you to optimise both speed and power to provide your desired results. With one forward and one reverse gear, maintaining your garden is easier than ever before.

The Y-shaped handlebars are adjustable, enabling you to set them to your desired height for maximum comfort. There is also a deadman’s handle for added safety. 

The Honda FG315 comes with slasher rotors and crop protection discs.

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