The + of the new generation

Its new 15 HP twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine and its larger 14-litre tank give it more power and range. The new H100 III boasts a modern hydraulic drive transmission with differential lock for improved traction and drivability.

Easy emptying
The large capacity 500-liter grass collector is emptied without leaving the driving seat. Ergonomically designed for ease-of-use, a single lever situated beside the driver hydraulically raises and empties the grass box.

An incomparable cutting efficiency

Cutting and collecting. An exclusive revolutionary concept: cutting and collecting in any conditions. Angled at 90 degrees, the twin contra-rotating blades efficiently lift and eject the clippings directly into the grass box via the large rear aperture.

Mowing in very high grass

Equiped with the deflector, the Hydro 100 III overcomes all of your cutting problems in very high grass.