Refreshingly simple to use, electric push type lawnmowers. Ideal for compact sized lawns (< half a tennis court). If you wish to manage your lawn quickly and quietly, you need the lightest possible mower to lift and manoeuvre, which means you need not look further than our HRE range. These lawnmowers work so quietly it will make your typical vaccum cleaner sound like a jumbo jet in comparison. They'll collect every last clipping which ensures your lawn will look spick and span. With this model you are able to choose between 5 different cutting heights by a single lever adjustment. In addition, this model benefits from optiflow. This is a fan powered system under the cutter deck that improves the air flow between the cutter deck and the high air flow grass bag. It significantly improves the collecting performance of the lawnmower. PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Cutter Deck Size: 15" / 37cm Garden Size: Compact. Suitable for lawns up to 300m² (< half a tennis court) Deck Type: Polyprop plastic - Light and durable Transmission: Push - The lawnmower needs to be pushed by the user Rear Roller: Not available Rotostop: Not available Mulching: Not available Electric Start: Not available