Self-propulsion makes mowing even the largest of lawns effortless.

The HRX 426 SX is a fantastic mower, which is full of industry leading smart innovations that you would expect from Honda. The machine is designed with the user convenience in mind,, making gardening less of a strenuous task. Self-propulsion removes the need to push the mower across the lawn, making hills and inclines less of a challenge. The HRX 426 SX is calibrated at a specific speed to ensure a even, steady cut and is optimised for efficient mowing.

The intelligent auto-choke system automatically sets the choke to give optimum starting and running in all conditions, meaning you can start mowing when you want to and you don’t have to worry about technology letting you down.

The Roto-Stop blade break clutch lets you stop the blades but leave the engine running, allowing you to traverse gravel and driveways without losing self-propulsion, or damaging the mower.

A redesigned recoil grip is both soft to the touch and moulded to fit the hand, making starting the mower an easy task rather than an awkward rowing exercise! The handle features quick release height adjustment to make sure you can quickly alter the height of the handles to better suit your need. In addition to this the arms of the handle easily folds over so the machine can be stored in compact areas.

An easy to operate fuel cap is designed for ease of use – and the ratchet system ensures it cannot be over tightened. The mower itself is highly durable, and the blade is designed to twist rather than break in case of impact so that you wont have to replace the entire mower if an accident occurs. You can just swap the blade out and continue mowing!

Made even better with mulching.

The HRX 426 SX can be fitted with a mulching kit, which converts your existing mower into a mulching machine when collection is not required. Mulching works by finely chopping the grass cuttings inside the cutter deck and then by sprinkling it back into the ground, which feeds the lawn and keeps it looking green and healthy.