This HRG 416 SK is self-propelled, which makes mowing even IZY-er.

The Honda IZY HRG 416 SK lawn mower is designed to get the mowing job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. This self-propelled mower offers excellent collecting and bagging performances.

The self propulsion makes this mower perfect for medium to large gardens, or turf that is rough and has difficult to navigate slopes. By removing the need to manually push the mower, the HRG 416 SK makes mowing not only quicker, but also less tiring.

With a noise level under the current European noise regulation, neighbours won’t be complaining about the noise.

IZYs are easier to start, handle and operate. With a 41 cm cutting width, the Honda IZY HRG 416 SK is suited to keeping medium to large sized gardens in perfect condition.

The HRG 416 SK features a completely redesigned 41cm smart blade that bends instead of breaks on impact with hard objects, preventing it from damaging the entire mower and allowing a longer machine life.

Features a much better airflow, increasing it’s cut and collect performances, reducing noise levels by 30%. The grass collection bag has a large capacity (50 litres) to minimise trips to the compost heap.

The mower is incredibly easy to start thanks to the super-light flywheel and a new soft grip recoil handle, which provides added comfort. The pressed steel cutter deck is specifically designed to be shock resistant, and is cataphoresis treated, meaning that it is less susceptible to rust and corrosion. This machine is designed to last.

Convenience is key with the IZY range – which makes mowing easier.