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incoherently After-sales service is the backbone of our business. Huge stocks of spare parts built up over 50 years with vastly experienced technicians on hand.

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Charles H Hill Ltd of Horsington is synonymous with Stihl chainsaws. Priding itself on selling quality products strengthened by unrivalled spares back-up and after-sales service. Graham and his wife Miranda now run the family business; along with a team of dedicated employees who are all experienced in their departments.

The timber business, founded by Charles` father Rowland in 1922, is where Charles gained his 50 years practical experience of chainsaws and the timber trade. As chainsaws were first introduced, he could see their huge potential and eventually sold his first Stihl chainsaw in 1964. The Charles H Hill company has grown since that day. As a result, it is now a well established, and well-known, firm in Lincolnshire.

Charles H. Hill Ltd of Horsington, Lincolnshire is a family business and have been selling the best in outdoor power equipment at very competitive prices for over 50 years. We sell garden and forestry equipment and above all, maintain machines from our huge stock of spare parts and on-site workshops.

ADVICE REGARDING NEW E10 PETROL: E10 fuel was introduced throughout the EU to conserve crude oil deposits and reduce climate impact. The designation E10 is an abbreviation. The 'E' stands for the ethyl alcohol (i.e ethanol) that is added to the gasoline. The number 10 indicates that the mixture may contain up to 10% ethanol. Ordinary premium-grade gasoline - containing a maximum of 5% ethanol - remains available.
As a rule E10 fuel IS compatible with all STIHL chainsaws and power tools, as well as VIKING gardening tools with engines by Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki and Kohler. STIHL recommends storing a 2-cycle fuel mixture prepared using E10 fuel for no more than 30 days in order to minimize phase separation.
All Honda Power Equipment products with petrol engines, produced for the UK market since 1993 YM (year model), are compatible with E10 petrol. This includes, stationary engines and Honda complete built units.